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Lehigh & New England RR

19, Class E-7, was built by Baldwin in 1905 and was sold to Rahway Valley as 13 in 1928.

20, Class E-7, was built by Baldwin in 1905 and was sold to RV as 14 in 1928.

116, Class I-3, was built by Baldwin in 1915.

152, Class E-12, was built by Baldwin in 1911.

207, Class B-5, was built by Baldwin in 1936, #61922.  It was sold as Nicholson Terminal & Dock Co 14 and sold to B J Pollard in May 1966. It was sold to Herb Hanson in September 1968 and transferred to Illinois Railway Museum in July 1974.  It was repainted as L&NE 270.

"602", 65DE-19A, was built by Whitcomb in July 1944, #60473, as United States Army 8467.  It was sold as Gulf Oil Corp 7 and sold it to Wanamaker Kempton & Southern in 1988 and painted as L&NE 602.

701, FA1, Class OE-1-A, was built by Alco in May 1948, #74739.  It was rebuilt and later sold as Louisville & Nashville 332, Class FA-2, on July 25, 1963.  It was retired on May 5, 1964, and traded in to Alco.


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