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Don's Rail Photos

Youngstown & Ohio River RR


The Y&OR was built between 1906 and 1909 from East Liverpool, OH, on the Ohio River to Salem to provide a connection with the Stark Electric and with the Youngstown & Southern at Leetonia. It is quite apparent that they operated over the Y&S into Youngstown to provide a direct connection between Youngstown and the Ohio River at East Liverpool. Freight traffic was important from the beginning since the line served several coal mines and connected with the Pittsburgh Lisbon & Western. They even had 7 miles of PL&W trackage under wire. The coal mines declined in the late 1920s, and the line was abandoned in 1931 after a year of receivership.

3 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in December 1913, #41054. It became Union Electric Ry 80 in April 1932. It was then sold to the Mason City & Clear Lake RR as 52 in 1942. Then it became Iowa Terminal RR 2 in 1961 and was again renumbered 60 in the same year.

7 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in October 1920, #53785. It was sold to the Omaha Lincoln & Beatrice RR as 2 in 1933. Later it became Cornwall Street Ry 2nd 11 in 1951. After retirement it was acquired by the trolley museum at Worthington, OH, and has been restored to it's original appearance.

1 was built by Niles in 1907.

7 was built by Niles in 1907.

15 was built by Niles in 1907.


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