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3040 "Chicago", was built as C&A 680 "Chicago", a parlor observation car.  It became Alton RR 3040 "Chicago" and then Gulf Mobile & Ohio 3040 "Chicago".  It was rebuilt as a parlor car with closed end.  It was sold to Texas Crushed Stone as 3040 "Georgetown".  It is available for sale. 

M17 was built in January 1928 by St Louis Car, #1461, and Electro-Motive, #249. As Alton RR it became 6011. It removed the passenger section in 1940s. It became GM&O as 2506 in 1947 and retired in 1962.

M20 was built in January 1928 by St Louis Car, #1462, and Electro-Motive, #250 as C&ARR M20.  As Alton RR it became 6021.  It became GM&O 2509 in 1947 and rebuilt in November 1949.  It was retired in 1962.

T2 was built by Brill Car Co in 1924 #22099, as Missouri-Kansas-Texas M-1.  It was sold as C&A T-2 and rebuilt as a trailer.  As Alton RR it became 6111 amd became GM&O 2556 in 1947.

"Abraham Lincoln", was built by American Car & Foundry for Baltimore & Ohio.  It was sold to Alton and became GM&O 5998 "Abraham Lincoln".


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