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Don's Rail Photos

Tidbits by Terry

Photos from Terry LaFrance

Out in the panhandle of Texas you will find high plains railroading on the BNSF.

618 heads a pig train.

Santa Fe GP30 is seen through the arches of the Plainview station.

BN 2362 passes the Plainview station.

It was impossible to mistake the yards at Clovis, NM.

GP30s are getting more scarce all the time, but in July 1999, one of the Rio Grande units was on the UP in Oklahoma. Here are a group of pictures.

At Waurika, Oklahoma, the former Rock Island line connects with the Wichita Tillman & Jackson.

Here is a BSNF SD75M on a Z train on the Avard sub.

BNSF 3002 was on the Lawton Turn at Fletcher, OK, in July 2000.

ATSF 885 leads vehicle train VMCIOKC at Nowers, OK, in July 2000.

UP 5978 was on the Wichita Local at Chickasha, OK, in July 2000.

UP had a C36-7 and SD40-2 on a rock train in the fog at Chickasha, OK, on the former OKT and Rock Island Wichita-Fort Worth line. The rock trains run between Chickasha to a Dolese quarry at Richards Spur, north of Lawton. Then they are sent to various Dolese facilities at Wichita, Lacy (Yukon), and Oklahoma City, the most frequent destination.

Here is the inaugural run of the "Heartland Flyer" at Oklahoma City at the former Santa Fe station.

In contrast, here is the Southwest Limited westbound at Raton on a cold December day in 1999.

The U S Army operates over a former Frisco branch to Fort Leonard Wood in central Missouri. Terry got to ride and they made a stop to allow him to take this photo on the long bridge.


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