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CF Industries

CF Industries, Inc. is one of North America's largest interregional cooperatives, owned by and serving eight regional farm supply cooperatives.

305, RS20, was built by Alco in May 1951, #78856, as Green Bay & Western 305, RS3.  It was upgraded in June 1973 and sold as Little Rock & Western 305 in 1982.  It was sold in August 1994 as Badger Mining Corp 305 and sold and restored as GB&W 305 at Gopher State Railway Museum.  It was leased to CFI and sold to them.  It was repainted in a Belt Railway of Chicago style.

420, S6, was built by Alco in February 1957, #82297, as Belt Ry of Chicago 420, Class 420.  It was sold to Mineral Range Inc 420 in 2005 and sold as CFI 420 in 2006.

No Number, NW2, was built by Electro-Motive on June 4, 1948, #5598, FN E923-2, as Peoria & Pekin Union as 403, Class D-4. It was rebuilt by Morrison Knudsen and became December 1981 as 608. It was later sold to CFI as no number.


Terra Industries

Terra was taken over by CFI in 2010.

L-11, SW1001, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1969, #34446, FN 711127, as Korean National RR 2107.  It was sold to National Railway Equipment Co as NREX 2107 in 2006 and sold as Terra L-11 in 2014.



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