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201, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive in October 1952, #17564, FN 6472-1, as Garden City Western 201  It was sold as NIS 201 and sold as Railway Equipment Leasing Co 518 in May 2006.

202, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive in April 1949, #8154, FN E1140-1, as Chicago Short Line RR 201.  It was sold as GCW 202 in May 1962 and later sold as NIS 202.

593, CF7, was built by Electro-Motive in December 1953, #18934, FN 6523-A24, as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 280C, Class 200, an F7A. It was retired on May 16, 1973, and was rebuilt at Cleburne as 2562, Class 2417, on July 20, 1973. It was sold to Amtrak as 593 on September 1984. It later was sold to NIS as 593 and then later leased as Sierra RR 593.  It was returned to NIS.

1270, SW9u, was built by Electro-Motive in April 1951, #12552, FN 4074-2, as Missouri Pacific 9171. It was renumbered 1233 in 1962 and came to Great Southwest RR about 1979. It was later returned to the MoPac and then rebuilt at Omaha on November 14, 1984, as Union Pacific 1270. It was retired on April 12, 1997, and sold to NIS in June 1997. It was then leased to North American Fly Ash Co as 1270.  It became Mineral Solutions in June 1998 and sold as David J Joseph Co DJPX 1270 on September 1, 1999.  It leased in January 2003.  It was sold to Western Rail as WRIX 1270 and sold to Professional Locomotive Services as PLSX 1270 in May 2007.  It was sold as Steel Dynamics Inc 40.

1810, GP7u, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1951, #15691, FN 7012-1, as United States Army 1821.  It became Alaska RR 1821 in 1969 and rebuilt as 1810 by Paducah in 1977.  It was sold to NIS as 1810 in 1996 and sold as Oregon Pacific Ry 1810 "Eileen Samuels" in 1999.  It was sold to Archer Daniels Midland as SFGX 1810 in November 2007.

JCLX 2000, GP9u, was built by Electro-Motive in June 1954, #19568, as Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 2405, Class 17.5-RS. It was renumbered 216 in 1959 and rebuilt at West Milwaukee in September 1969 as 994, Class 20E-RS. In March 1983 it was sold to Mid American Car and then to Cadillac & Lake City as 994. It was returned to Mid American and rebuilt as Habco Loram Corp 994.  It was renumbered 6871 and became MAE JCLX 2100.

2584, CF7, was built by Electro-Motive in December 1953, #18928, as AT&SF 277C, Class 200, an F7A.  It was retired on October 12, 1972, and rebuilt at Cleburne as 2584, Class 2417, on January 30, 1973.  It was retired in September 1984 and sold as Amtrak 594 in September 1984.  It was sold as NIS 594.  It was leased as Sierra 594 and returned as NIS 2584.


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