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 Korean National RR

Joseon Chongdokbu Cheoldoguk

Sata 2-10-2T

We don't normally think of tank locomotives with 10 drivers, but Korea had them. It is possible that some may still be running in North Korea. Peter Clark indicates that 1 thru 10 were originally number 1801 thru 1810. They were built as follows: 1 thru 4 by Keijo in 1934, 5 thru 8 by Nippon in 1935, 9 and 10 by Keijo in 1936, and 11 thru 19 by Nippon in 1937. 20 thru 24 were built after the general renumbering by Keijo in 1939. James Heffner indicates that 8 of these locomotives went to South Korea and 16 to the North in the 1947 partition. The four I found were all at Susaek in retired condition. Susaek had been a large rail yard north of Seoul on the former main line to the North. In 1953, only a few tracks were in place, and the yard had become the major junk yard for the KNR.

SF-2 was built by Keijo in 1934 as 1802.  It was renumbered SF-2 in 1938.

SF-3 was built by Keijo in 1934 as 1803.  It was renumbered SF-3 in 1938.

SF-21 was built by Keijo in 1939.

SF-23 was built by Keijo in 1939.



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