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Ohio Electric Railway

3 was built by Cincinnati Car in December 1913, #1480. It became Cincinnati & Dayton Traction Co 3 in 1922 and then Cincinnati Hamilton & Dayton Ry as 3 in 1926. It finally became Cincinnati & Lake Erie as 3 in 1930. It was scrapped in 1937.


68 was built by Cincinnati Car Co in 1912.  It was scrapped in November 1929.

70 was built by Jewett Car Co in 1900 as Columbus Buckeye Lake & Newark Ry 70.  It became OERy 70 and renumbered 170.  It was transferred to Columbus Newark & Zanesville Ry in 1921 and rebuilt as a freight trailer.

93 was built by Cincinnati Car Co in 1908.  It was scrapped on August 28, 1929.

181 was built by Cincinnati Car Co in 1910.  It was scrapped in 1937.



A steel bridge over Swamp Creek is still there just north of Village of Verona aka West Baltimore Station.



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