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Don's Rail Photos

  Florida East Coast


101 was built by Schenectady in 1911, #50146. It was sold to Atlanta Birmingham & Coast as 71, Class J-1, and later became Atlantic Coast Line 7071, Class AJ-1, in January 1946. It was scrapped on January 31, 1951.

136 was built by Alco-Schenectady in January 1910, #46567. It was renumbered 88 and later sold to the Savannah & Atlanta as 750 in 1935. It is now at the Southeastern Railway Museum at Duluth, GA.

148 was built by Alco-Richmond in April 1920, #61769.  It was sold as United States Sugar Co 148 and sold as Black River & Western 148 in 1968.  It was sold as Morristown & Erie 148 in 1974.  It was sold to D M Brown in Michigan in 1988 and moved there in 1985.  It was stored there and then sold to Denver & Rio Grande RR Historical Foundation in 2005.  It was never restored and resold back to U S Sugar in 2016.  It is to be restored for service on their rails as well as their Central Florida Express.

153 was built by Alco-Schenectady in May 1922, #63262.  It was sold as USSCo 153 in January 1940 and donated to University of Miami in February 1957.  It was donated as Gold Coast RR 153 in November 1966.


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