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Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Ry.

Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Ry.

Older City Cars

4 was built by Brill Car Co in 1898 as Bluff City Electric Street Ry 4.  It became C&ME 4 in 1898 and later was used as a work car.

Cars 29 thru 38 were built by St. Louis Car in 1905 and were used to open the Milwaukee local service. They followed the Robertson design which could be found on many midwestern lines. They were classified as interurbans, even though most were used in city service. After the 500s came, they were sent to Waukegan where they were used in city service and local interurban service. Most were retired by the 1920s, but 32 lasted until 1928 when it was retired and scrapped.

As a kid growing up in Milwaukee, when I first saw pictures of the North Shore 500s, I compared them to the more familiar Milwaukee Electric 500s, and I was sure that all deck roof city cars were 500s. It didn't take too long to learn that this was only a coincidence. 500 thru 509 were built by St. Louis in 1909, two years before their TM counterparts. They were originally used in Milwaukee, but in the early 1920s, several were rebuilt to one man and transferred to Waukegan. These were cars 500 (11/25/23), 502 (7/29/24), 504 (5/13/24), 507 (9/11/22), and 509 (11/3/22). The remainder were transferred when Milwaukee received the 350s in 1928. The first car to be retired was 505 in 1931. 503 was retired in 1932, and both cars were scrapped in 1938. The remainder operated until 1947, when the Waukegan lines were abandoned. 509 was used as a waiting room at 10th Street, North Chicago, for a short time in 1947, until a new station could be built at the truncated north end of the Shore Line Route. They were all sold to Chicago Hardware Foundry Co., where they were scrapped. Some of the side panels were used to construct CHF 2.

313 and 315 were built by St. Louis Car in 1915 as 313 and 315 of the Empire State Ry for service in Oswego, NY. After only two years, they were sold to the North Shore in June 1918. 313 was rebuilt to one man service on March 12, 1919, and retired in 1941. 315 was rebuilt on February 24, 1919, and retired in 1940. Both were scrapped in 1945.

510 and 511 were not really city cars, but were purchased for use on the Mundelein line. They were typical Cincinnati Car lightweights built in 1922. After more of the steel interurbans were received in the next few years, they were replaced by the heavy cars which were thru routed to Chicago. The cars were stored until they were scrapped in 1940.



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