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Walla Walla Valley Traction Co.

Walla Walla Valley Railway


19 was purchased on December 26, 1923, and was retired on 1950.

300 was retired in 1950.

77, Class SW-1, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1941, #1380, as Great Northern 5103, Class SW-1. It was renumbered 77 in 1943 and became Burlington Northern 77, Class SW-1, in 1970. It transferred to WWV 77 and sold to Precision National Co on January 20, 1978. It was then sold to St Louis-San Francisco as 10 on March 10, 1979, and then became BN 70, Class SW-1, in December 1980. It was assigned as Burlington Northern Santa Fe 3300, Class SW-1, was sold to U S Borax Co as 70.

104, Class SW-1, was built by Electro-Motive in December 1939, #994, FN E290-1, as Fort Worth & Denver 602.  It became BN 104, Class SW-1, in January 1972 and transferred as WWV 104.  It was retired in April 1984 and sold as Hennisingen Cold Storage Co 55 in June 1984.  It was sold to  WATCo  as WATX 55.


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