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Don's Rail Photos

92 was built by Heisler in June 1924, #1502.

85,  SW1, was built by Electro-Motive  in June 1939, #901, FN E259-5, as Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9140.  It became Burlington Northern  85, Class SW-1, in 1970 and sold as PEI 85.  It was sold as Inman Service Co as ISCX 9140 and sold to Webb Asset Management as WAMX 107.

86, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive in May 1940, #1068, E310-1, as CB&Q 9141. It became BN 86, Class SW-1, in 1970, and was transferred to Davenport Rock Island & North Western as 86 soon afterwards. It was retired in April 1984 and sold to Wilson Ry Corp in October 1985. It was then sold to PFI as 86.

1522, GP-7, was built by Electro-Motive in October 1950, #11048, FN 5019-17, as Great Northern 622, Class GP-7.  It became Burlington Northern 1522, Class GP-7, in 1970 and sold as Potlatch 1522 in January 1972.  It was rebuilt at Paducah as Illinois Central Gulf  8465 in September 1976 and sold to Canac on May 20, 2000.  It was sold as Pioneer Rail Equipment Co as 1000 and assigned as Elkhart & Western RR 1000.

Warren & Saline River RR

Warren was served by the St Louis Iron Mountain & Southern by branch line. The Johnson Brothers built their mill and Warren and decided they wanted their own connection and started to build a line south to the Rock Island at Hermitage, a distance of 16 miles. The Warren Johnsonville & Saline River RR was chartered in 1905 and included a 5 mile branch to Johnsonville. In addition there was about 15 miles of logging branches for a total of 36 miles. In 1921 the road was reorganized as the W&SR. In June 1959 it was purchased by Potlatch Forests.  In 1978 it added two miles of former Warren & Ouachita River trackage at Warren, and in 1985 it abandoned the track between Cloquet and Hermitage. Total mileage is now 8 miles. Apparently there was never any passenger service, and there seems to be no record that the line ever had a profitable year.

1702 was built by Baldwin in September 1942, #64641, as U. S. Army 1702.  It was purchased by W&SR in 1946 and was sold to Reader RR as 1702 in June 1964.  It was then sold to Fremont & Elkhorn Valley RR as 1702 in August 1985 and then to Great Smoky Mountains RR as 1702.

73, 70DE24, was built by Whitcomb in April 1948, #60748, as Potlatch Forests Inc 73. It was transferred to the W&SR as 73 in 1963 and later sold to the Fox River Trolley Museum in 1991.

Washington Idaho & Montana Ry.

30, S3, was built by Alco in October 1950, #78395. It was sold to Tacoma Municipal Belt Line Ry as 907 in 1962 and later sold to Solano Rail Car Co in January 1979. It then became Brandon Rail 71 in 1982.


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