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Electro-Motive GP9 Diesels

444, Class GP-9, was built in March 1954, #19386. It was renumbered 504 and later renumbered 2385. It later became Seaboard System 2385.

446, Class GP-9, was built in March 1954, #19388.  It was renuumbered 506 and later renumbered 2387.  It later became SBD 2387.

452, Class GP-9, was built in February 1956, #21443.  It was renumbered 527 and later renumbered 2402.  It later became SBD 2402.

542, Class GP-9, was built in February 1957, #22015, as Chicago & Eastern Illinois 235. It was renumbered 342 in 1967 and became L&N 542, Class GP-9, in 1969. It was wrecked on September 18, 1978, in Florence, AL, and scrapped.

543, Class GP-9, was built in February 1957, #22016, as C&EI 236. It was renumbered 343 in 1967 and transferred to L&N as 543, Class GP-9, in 1969 and later renumbered 2412. It was rebuilt at Uceta as Seaboard Coast Line 4805 in August 1982 and later became SBD 4805. It was later renumbered 1851 and later became CSX Transportation 1851, Class GP-16. It was sold to Pioneer Corp as 1605 in 1993 and later was transferred Alabama & Florida RR as 1605. It later was transferred as Fort Smith RR 1605 and later as Mississippi Central 1605.



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