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554, F3A, Class F-7A, was built on May 14, 1947, #4460, FN E796-A8, as Chicago Indianapolis & Louisville 84-4.  It was renumbered 208 in 1964 and traded in to Alco in 1966.  It was sold to Precision Engineering Co and sold as L&N 554, Class F-7A.

673, Class FP-7A, was built in August 1949, #7538, FN E1076-A4, as Chicago & Eastern Illinois 1603. It was renumbered 936 in 1967 and became L&N 673, Class FP-7A, in 1969. It was traded in to Electro-Motive in August 1972.

675, Class FP-7A, was built in September 1949, #7540, FN E1076-A6, as C&EI 1605. It was renumbered 938 in 1967 and became L&N 675, Class FP-7A, in 1959. It was traded in to Electro-Motive in June 1970.

723, Class FP-71B, was built in June 1950, #11958, FN 3028-B2, as Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis 919, Class F7-1500B. It became L&N 1919, Class FP-71B, in 1957 and was renumbered 723 in 1965. It went to Clinchfield RR as 250 in February 1969 and became Seaboard System 250 in 1982. It was renumbered 119 in 1983 and became CSX Transportation 119 in 1987,

831, F7A, Class F-7A, was built in June 1950, #11956, FN 3028-A5, as NC&StL 825, Class F7-1500A.  It became L&N 1825, Class F-71A, and renumbered 831, Class F-7A, in 1965.  It was traded in to Electro-Motive.

864, Class F-7A, was built in December 1949, #10152, FN 6012-A1, as Richmond Fredericksburg & Potomac 1101.  It was sold to Streigel Supply & Equipment Co in December 1965 and then to Precision Engineering Co on June 25, 1965.  It was then sold as L&N 864, Class F-7A, and traded in to Electro-Motive in May 1970.

868, Class F-7A, was built in June 1951, #14443, FN 3108-A10.  It was renumbered 918 and renumbered 857.  It was scrapped.

921, Class F-9A, was built in November 1956, #22510, FN 3194-A3. It was renumbered 553 and later traded in to Electro-Motive.

1806, F3A, Class F-71A, was built in August 1948, #5788, FN E951-A3, as NC&StL 806, Class F3-1500A.  It became L&N 1806, Class F-71A, and traded in to Electro-Motive.

1918, F7B, Class FP-71B, was built in June 1950, #11957, FN 3028-B5, as NC&StL 918, Class F7-1500B.  It became L&N 1918, Class FP-71B in 1957 and transferred as Clinchfield RR 869 in January 1965.  It became CSX Transportation 117 in 1987 and renumbered 417 in November 1998.  It became West Virginia Central RR 415 in 2001.



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