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Don's Rail Photos

Lehigh Valley RR

Rolling Stock

5 was built by Brill in 1927, #22563. In February 1938, it was sold to the Alaska RR as 115. It was later renumbered 215, and then was retired April 1954.

15 was built by St Louis Car Co in September 1926, #1386A, Electro-Motive #175, as Baltimore & Ohio 6007.  It was rebuilt by Electro-Motive in December 1928, #363, as LV 15 and rebuilt as Sperry Rail Service 128 in August 1939.

20 was built by St Louis Car Co in June 1927, #1452, Electro-Motive #241.  It was rebuilt as SRS 124 in June 1937.

27 was built by St Louis Car Co in July 1925, #1376, Electro-Motive in November 21, 1925, #134.  It was rebuilt as SRS 131 in October 1941.

28 was built by St Louis Car Co in December 1925, #1376A, Electro-Motive #136.  It was rebuilt as SRS 129 in August 1939.


95135.  It was sold as Chicago Rock Island & Pacific 17605 and resold as Cedar Rapids & Iowa City 725.


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