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Electro-Motive F Units

116, F5Au, was built in February 1949, #8479, as Clinchfield RR 800. It was rebuilt in 1952 and later became SBD 800 in January 1983. It was renumbered 116 in 1984 and became CSX Transportation in April 1987. It became Chesapeake & Ohio 8016 in 2002.

118, FP7A, was built in February 1952, #14804, FN 6310-A1, as CRR 200. It became SBD as 200 in January 1983 and was renumbered 118 in 1984. It became CSX 118 in April 1987 and was renumbered 418 in November 1998. It became West Virginia Central RR 67 in 2001 and lettered as Western Maryland 67.

119, F7B, was built in June 1950, #11958, as Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis 919, Class F7-1500B. It became Louisville & Nashville 1919, Class FP-71B, in 1957 and was renumbered 723 in 1965. It went to CRR as 250 in February 1969 and became SBD 250 in January 1983. It was renumbered 119 in 1984 and became CSX 119 in April 1987,



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