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Don's Rail Photos

Burlington Northern

Alco Diesel Switchers

919, S4, was built by Alco in May 1953, #80464, as Northern Pacific 719.  It became BN 919, Class ASW-10, in 1970, and retired in May 1973.  It was sold as Agrico Chemical Co 1 and resold as Goodpasture Grain Co 83 600.  It was sold as Agri Industries 83 600 and sold as Intercontinental Terminal 83 600.  It was sold as Woodhouse Terminal 83 600.

921, S4, was built by Alco in December 1953, #80965, as NP 721.  It becane BN 921, Class ASW-10, in 1970 and sold to Tacoma Municipal Belt Line Ry as 921 in 1972. It was sold as Pacific Rail Services 921 in 1989.

938, S2, Class ASW-10, was built in December, 1943, #71264, as Spokane Portland & Seattle 26. It became BN 938, Class ASW-10, in 1970 and was sold to Precision National Corp in 1973. It was scrapped in September 1973.

950, S5, Class ASW-6, was built in May 1955, #80922, as NP 750, a S5.  It became BN 950, Class ASW-6, in 1970 and retired in 1972.   It was rebuilt by Morrison-Knudsen Co in May 1973, #617103, as Columbia & Cowlitz Ry 701B and sold to Oregon Coastline Express OCEX 701B in 1996.

4010, C415, Class A-415, was built in November 1968, #6909-01, as SP&S 100. It became BN 4010, Class A-415, in 1970, and was sold to Diesel Supply Co in October 1980. They sold it to Centerra Energy Co as 4010 in June 1981. They sold it to Ohio River Terminal as 4010.


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