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Motor Cars

M-11 was built by Brill Car in 1928, #22547.  It was rebuilt as Sperry Rail Service 136 on April 19, 1948.

M-14 was built by Mack in March, 1928, #161001, using an Osgood-Bradley body, Order Number 9116. It started out as a demonstrator, M-200, but was sold to the NYC as M-14. In 1943 it went to Washington & Old Dominion RR as 45.

M-403 was built by Brill in 1928, #22544.  It was sold as W&OD 52 in October 1944.

M-459, RDC1, was built by Budd in August 1951, #5413. It became Penn Central 59 in 1969.

M-480, RDC2, was built by Budd in May 1951, #5420.  It became PC 80 in 1969 and rebuilt in August 1973 as National Railway Passenger Corp 34.  It was sold as Alaska RR 712 in 1987 and sold to Eagle Cove Camp & Conference in 2009.  It was sold to North Shore Scenic RR in 2012 and lettered as Duluth Missabe & Iron Range 1.


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