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Don's Rail Photos

Graphics from Girardot


Jan Girardot acquired some drawings of Indiana traction subjects from the late Vane Jones and we present them for your enjoyment of the work the this talented gentleman.

Here is the Indianapolis Traction Terminal with an Interstate Public Service train in the foreground.

Another similar view shows an Indiana Service Corp. train in the foreground.

One of the Indiana RR RPO cars is seen head on.

And here is one of the cars being loaded.

Here is an IPS train out on the line.

One of the last interurban cars built was the St. Louis curved side cars for the Chicago Aurora & Elgin.

It is impossible not to recognize the most beautiful electric train ever built.

Put the Electroliner next to North Shore 458 and you get a nice picture of modern electric railroading half a century ago. It still looks fresh and up to date.

We conclude with a drawing of one of my favorites, the four aces of the TM. We have a full page on these cars.



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