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Don's Rail Photos

Soo Line Railroad

Alco Diesel Road Switchers

101, RS1. was built by Alco in June 1945, #73760. as Duluth South Shore & Atlantic 101.  It became Soo Line RR 101 in January 1961.  It was sold to Alco on November 13, 1963, and rebuilt by Alco in 1964.  It was sold as Algers Winslow & Western 3 and resold as Naples Terminal Co 3.  It became Consolidated Grain & Barge Co 3 and sold to Lake Superior Railroad Museum in January 2002.  It has been restoring as DSSA 101.

102, RS1, was built in December 1946, #75215, as DSS&A 102.  It became Soo 102 in January 1961 and traded in to General Electric in November 1967.  It was sold as Vermont RR  404 in April 1968 and resold Sabine River & Northern  104 in June 1972.

104, RS1, was built in January 1947, #75218, as DSS&A 104.  It went to Soo 104 in January 1961 and rebuilt by Alco in August 1965 as Algers Winslow & Western 5.

106, RS1, was built in May 1947, #75389, as DSS&A 106.  It became Soo 106 in January 1961 and traded in to Electro-Motive in June 1971.

352, RS1, was built in December 1954, #80978, as Minneapolis St Paul & Sault Ste Marie 352.  It became Soo 352 in 1961 and retired in February 1975.  It was sold as International Multifoods Inc 352 and became Peavey Grain Co 352.  It was sold as Maryland & Delaware 25 but apparently was used only for parts.

2361, RS1, was built in March 1950, #77854, as Wisconsin Central RR 2361. It became Soo 2361 in 1961 and was sold to George R Silcott in June 1975. They sold it to Alter Scrap Co in 1976.

2380, RSC3, was built in June 1951, #78894, as WC 2380.  It became Soo Line 2380 in 1961 and rebuilt in 1963.  It was retired in May 1974 and sold to Precision National Corp on July 23, 1974.


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