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Don's Rail Photos

Springfield Terminal Ry.

Before Guilford


This little line was only 8 miles long between Springfield, VT, and Charlestown, NH, and was opened in 1897. It provided all rail service for Springfield from a connection with the B&M. Freight was always a major contributor to revenue, and when passenger service ended in 1947, electric locomotives continued until replaced by diesels in 1956. The company was originally the Springfield Electric Ry, but after a bankruptcy in 1918, it became the Springfield Terminal Ry in 1923. The line was controlled by the B&M for many years, and became part of the Guilford lines. When it was decided to change labor rules, the ST became the operating arm of the Guilford lines and became a major railroad system.

7 started out as an express motor.

8 was a work motor which had been a freight motor.

Vermont winters meant snow. This looks like a Taunton.

15 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in December 1923, #57557. After dieselization it became second 7 on the Cornwall Street Ry.

16 and 17 were built by Wason in 1925. 16 apparently was used in non-revenue service before it was acquired and restored at the Connecticut Trolley Museum in 1956.

38 was an express motor.

1, 44 Ton, was built by General Electric in April 1942, #15121, as San Francisco & Napa Valley RR 40.  It became Sacramento Northern 141, Class S-26, in May 1946 and was rebuilt by General Electric in October 1956 as STRy 1.  It was sold as Claremont & Concord RR 1 and scrapped in 1997.


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