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Baldwin Diesels

847, DR4-4-1500A, Class DF-9, was built by Baldwin in June 1949, #73981, as Baldwin Locomotive Works 6001-A.  It was sold as Elgin Joliet & Eastern 700A on January 1, 1950, and sold as B&O 847, Class DF-9, on March 11, 1955.  It was renumbered 4200, Class FB-1, in 1957 and retired on October 17, 1962.  It was sold for scrap on January 3, 1963.  

904, AS15, Class RSB-1c, was built by Baldwin in June 1952, #75502,  It was renumbered 6202, Class FSB-1, in 1957 and renumbered 2238, Class AS-16, in 1966.  It was sold to George R Silcott Ry Equipment in November 1969.  It was sold as Peabody Coal Co 2238 and assigned to River Queen Mine.  It was reassigned to Eagle Mine 2 in June 1970 and reassigned to River King 6 Mine in March 1973.  It was sold for scrap to Precision National Corp in 1975.



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