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Don's Rail Photos

Chicago Lake Shore & South Bend Ry.


Before Sam Insull came along, there was the CLS&SB. They had beautiful wood interurbans and other interesting rolling stock. Here are views of some of this equipment.

1 was built by Niles Car Co in 1908,  It was scrapped in 1929.

4 was built by Niles Car Co in 1908.  It was scrapped in 1929.

12 was built by Niles Car Co in 1908 as a trailer. It was motorized in 1915. A baggage compartment was added in 1925, and the car was burned in 1929.

64 was built by Kuhlman Car Co in 1918, #666.

73 was built by Niles in 1908. In 1927 it was rebuilt into work motor 1126. In 1941 it was sold and converted to a house.  In 1994 it was purchased for restoration from a buyer who had picked it up the month before for back taxes.  He really did not want the car, just the land.  Bob Harris began restoration in 2005 and plans to complete it in 2009.  There were delays when Bob had a heart attack.  There is a recent report on June 17, 2017. 



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