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French Railroads

Chemin de fer de L'etat






3E was built in 1900.

Chemin de fer du Nord

170 was built in 1870 and scrapped in 1890.


3.889 came from Koniglich Preussesche Eisenbahn-Verwaltung.


Chemin de fer de Paris a Orleans


5526, Class 050-TC, was built by Saxe in 1918 and was a former Deutche Reichsbahn.


Chemin de fer Paris-Lyon-Mediterranee


Societe Nationale des Chemins de fer Francais

13, TGF-PSE, was built by Alsthom in 1978.

141.R.145 was built by Lima in 1946.

141.R.146 was built by Lima in 1946.

141.R.840 was built by Baldwin in 1946, #72961.  141.TD.740 was built by J F Cail in 1931, #4221.

CC21003 was built by Alsthom in June 1974.  It was rebuilt for use as a demonstrator in 1976 as National Railway Passenger Corp X996 and returned to France in 1977.  It was rebuilt back as SNCF CC21003 and rebuilt on October 5, 1995 as CC6577.  It was retired in 2007 and donated to the Musee de Chemin de Fer de Nimes.

X2403 was built by Decauville in 1951.  It was retired in 1987 and sold to Jean-Marie Henri for tourist service.  It was acquired and maintained by Association des Chemins de Fer de la Haute Auvergne and is operated as Gentiane Express.


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