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California Western Railway & Navigation Co.

12 was built by Baldwin in 1915, #41922, as Union Lumber Co 12.  It was sold as CW 12 and scrapped in 1950.

21 was built by Baldwin in 1920, #53277.  It was sold to Pan American Engineering Co.

22 was built by Baldwin in 1921, #54898.  It was scrapped in 1952.

23 was built by Baldwin in 1923, #57553.  It was scrapped in 1950.

2nd 41 was built by Baldwin in 1920, #53205, as Sierra RR 22.  It was sold as CW 41 and scrapped in 1950.

46 was built by Baldwin in June 1937, #62064, as Weyerhauser Timber Co 111. It was sold in 1954 to Rayonier Inc as 111 and then to CWRR as 46 in 1964.  It was retired in March 1968 and was stored until 1981.  It was sold to the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum Association, operators of the San Diego Railroad Museum at Campo, CA.  Shipped to the museum in 1986, 46 is presently displayed at the museum's Campo site.  The museum intends to restore 46 in the future once funding becomes available.

63, RS11, was built by Alco in August 1959, #83490, as Southern Pacific 5870, Class DF-615.  It was renumbered 2935, Class AS418-6, in 1966 and sold as CWRR 63 in 1979.  It was sold as Mississippi Central RR 1100 and sold as Kankakee Beaverville & Southern 324 in 1997.  It was sold as Delaware-Lackawanna RR 324.

M300 was built by American Car & Foundry in 1935, Order #1432, as Seaboard Air Line RR 2026, part of a three car order, 2024 thru 2026. It was sold to the Aberdeen & Rockfish as 106. In 1951 it was purchased as Salt Lake Garfield & Western M.C.3 to replace the electric cars. In 1963 it went to CW where it was numbered M300 and operates in "Skunk" service.



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