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Don's Rail Photos

Kankakee Beaverville & Southern

301, RS11, was built by Alco in March 1958, #82864, as New York Chicago & St Louis 569, Class ARS-18B.  It became Norfolk & Western 2569 in 1965 and sold as Naporano Iron & Metal 2569 in December 1979.  It was then sold as KB&S 301 in 1980 and scrapped in March 2004.

308, RS3u, was built by Alco in June 1955, #81287, as Green Bay & Western 308, an RS3. It was rebuilt as RS20 in April 1974. It became Wisconsin Central 308 in 1993 and was later sold to KB&S as 308 in 1997.  It was sold to B&K Engineering in 2005.

309, RS11u, was built in August 1956, #81931, as Kewaunee GB&W 309 "H Weldon McGee".   It was rebuilt in 1964 using some, but not all of the newer innovations from the Century series. Another change simply was to change the fuel rack settings. The result was that, in tests, as much as 2400 hp was gleaned from the original 251 engine. However, there was fear that the main generator could not handle such a load, so the 309 was run at 2,000 hp for a few years, and then at 2250hp after 1987. It should also be noted that the nose was not chopped concurrent with the rebuilding. that was a separate event.  It GB&W 309 on June 1, 1969.  It became Wisconsin Central 309 in 1993 and sold to KB&S as 309 in January 1995.  It was wrecked on March 11, 1999, and scrapped in 2004.

312, RS11, was built by Alco in March 1956, #81459, as N&W 312.  It was then sold as KB&S 312 and sold to Vintage Locomotives, Inc.

315, C420, was built by Alco in August 1966, #3467-05, as Louisville & Nashville 1310, Class C-420.  It was sold as KB&S 315 and sold to VILX.

318, RS11, was built by Alco in June 1960, #83583, as Northern Pacific 913.  It became Burlington Northern 4193, Class A-RS-11, in 1970 and retired in August 1980.  It was sold to Chrome Locomotive in August 1980 and sold as KB&S 4193.  It was renumbered 318.

321, RS11, was built by Alco in May 1956, #81777, as N&W 321.  It was then sold as KB&S 321.

324, RS11, was built by Alco in August 1959, #83490, as Southern Pacific 5870, Class DF-615.  It was renumbered 2935, Class AS418-6, in 1966 and sold as California Western RR 63 in 1979.  It was sold as Mississippi Central RR 1100 and sold as KBS 324 in 1997.  It was sold as Delaware-Lackawanna RR 324.

701, GP38-3, was built by Electro-Motive in December 1965, #30969, as New York Central 3032, Class EF-30, GP40.  It became Penn Central 3032, Class EF-30, in 1968, and Consolidated Railroad Corp 3032, Class GP-40, in April 1976.  It was sold to Precision National Corp in July 1980 and as Chicago & North Western 5521 in July 1981.  It was assigned as Union Pacific 650 in August 1995 and reassigned 704 in December 1997 and reassigned as 9976 but retired on July 17, 2001.  It was rebuilt by National Railway Equipment as GP38-3 in November 2003 as KB&S 701.

T340, plow, was built by Alco in June 1959, #83444, as Toledo Peoria & Western 402, RS11. It was rebuilt into plow T340 and then sold to KB&S in November 1983.


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