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Don's Rail Photos

Long-Bell Lumber Co.


5 was built by Lima Locomotive Works in January 23, 1924, #3249, as Security Logging Co 2.  It was resold as Snow Lumber & Shingle Co 2 on July 8, 1924, and sold as Shaw-Bertram Lumber Co 5 in April 1929.  It was sold to Klamath Locomotive & Machine Works Inc on October 14, 1937, and sold as Snellstrom Brothers Co 5 in 1938.  It was converted to burn wood in 1942 and became L-BLCo 5 on July 9, 1945.  It was donated to City of Longview, WA, in 1955.  It was removed from display and taken apart on March 1, 1998.  It was restored complete in 2005 and put on display under a new roof on October 15, 2003.

7 was built by Baldwin Locomotive in January 1920, #52851, as Weed Lumber Co 7.  It became L-BL 7 in 1921.

8 was built by Baldwin Locomotive in June 1920, #53347, as Weed Lumber Co 8.  It became L-BL 8 in 1921.

701 was built by Willamette in 1924, #16.  It later became Rayonier Inc 4.

804 was built by Alco in March 1925, #66277, as Mount Emily Lumber Co 2.  It was sold as L-BL 804 and sold as Harbor Plywood Co 804.  It was scrapped by 1959.


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