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Don's Rail Photos

Polson Logging Co

2 was built by Baldwin in December 1912, #38967, for logging service in the state of Washington for the Saginaw Timber Company. Her 44-inch diameter drivers produce great pulling power and flangeless center drivers allow for operation on tight curves found on logging railroads. 2 is an oil-burner, a preferred fuel for logging engines to eliminate hot cinders that could pose a fire hazard. 2 served several lumber companies. Northwest Lumber Co., 1914-1929; Polson Brothers Lumber Co., 1929-1948; Rayonier, 1948-1962) before going to the Cadillac & Lake City Ry 1962. In June 1973 it went to the  Kettle Moraine RR as 2 and then went to Mid-Continent Railway Museum in 1982. 2 was then restored to her 1912 as-built appearance with newly fabricated box headlights and tender toolboxes (she still uses her original tender). In 1999, 2 was repainted and subsequently relettered to represent her career for Polson Brothers from 1928 to 1948. As of August 2000, 2 is out service, receiving heavy boiler repairs to bring her to compliance with new Part 230 FRA (Federal Railroad Administration) regulations required in 2001.

45 was built by Baldwin in 1906, #27311.  It was sold as Rayonier Co 45.

70 was built by Baldwin in 1922, #55355,  It was sold as Rayonier Co 70.

90 was built by Baldwin in 1926, #59071.  It was sold as Rayonier Co 90.

91 was built by Lima in 1928, #3322.  It was sold as Rayonier Co 91.


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