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Don's Rail Photos

Evans Railcar

44, 44 Ton, was built by General Electric in January 1943, #15764, as U S Army 7439. It later became Department of Transportation  002 and then to Cadillac & Lake City Ry as 44. It was sold to Evans as 44.

76, 65 Ton, was built by General Electric in February 1943, #15886, for Nebraska Ordnance Works.  It became United States Army 7149 and later sold as U S Railway Manufacturing Co 7146.  It was merged as Evans 79 and became Itel Railcar 79.  It became Berwind Railway Services 76 and became Watco Mechanical Services J8.

EP-10, 45 Ton, was built by Whitcomb in September 1945, #60651, as United States Navy 65-00153.  It was sold as Tillamook County Naval Airport Commission 2 and then Port of Tillamook RR 2 in 1953.  It was then sold to Oregon Washington Plywood Corp no number and then sold as Evans EP-10.  It was then renumbered as Itel EP-10 and finally as Gunderson Rail Car Services 1.


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