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Don's Rail Photos

Denver City Cable Ry. 


Denver Tramway 













802 was built by DT in 1922.

825 was built by DT in 1923.

826 was built by DT in 1923.

831 was built by DT in 1924.

838 was built by DT in 1924.




18 was built by McGuire-Cummings.

19 was built by McGuire-Cummings.

700 was built by Woeber Car Co as a wrecker.



Denver & Intermountain Ry.

D&IMRy operated until March 15, 1953. There were actually two different systems in one. There was a standard gauge division which had been built as a steam road from Denver to Golden in 1893. It was taken over by Denver Tramways and electrified in 1909. In 1903 the Denver & Northwestern built a narrow gauge electric line to Leyden to haul coal to the Tramways power plant in Denver. In 1904 a narrow gauge branch was built to Golden. The narrow gauge cars were numbered in a decimal system except for the narrow gauge city cars which occasionally ran to Golden. The standard gauge cars were given integers. In 1950 all passenger service was abandoned and the narrow gauge was taken up. One of the standard gauge cars was preserved.

23 was built by Woeber Car Co in 1911.

24 was built by Woeber Car Co in 1911.

25 was built by Woeber Car Co. in 1911 and is preserved at the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club at Denver..

818 was built by DT in 1922 and rebuilt in May 1924.

819 was built by DT in 1922 and rebuilt in May 1924.

1111 was built by DT in 1921.

01128 came from Denver & Rio Grande Western 01128.


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