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 Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe

Non-Revenue Equipment


4. heater car, was built by Baldwin in 1913 as 1364T, tender.  It was rebuilt in August 1943 as 9003, heater car, and renumbered 4 in August 1967.  It was sold for scrap in January 1969.

4449 was a tie tamper.




189783 was a crane tender.

190465 was a tool car converted from an RPO car. It was sold to the Fort Worth & Western who added the MW01 number.

190466 was a crane and pile driver.

190502 was a supply car.

191595 was a crane tool car.

193673 was a foreman car.

194450, foreman car, was built by Pullman in 1928 as 10, business car.  It was retired in 1962 and rebuilt as 194450 in 1967.  It was rebuilt as 203739, bunk car, in 1973 and sold to a private owner in Saugus, CA.

197045 was a wheel car.

197294 was a tool car.

199191 was a crew car.

199202 was a weed sprayer.

199235 was built by Jordan.

199246 was built by Jordan.


199354 was rebuilt from a tender.

199776.  It was sold as Lone Star Track Inc 199776 in 1972.


Un-numbered truck crane.

Un-numbered wrecker built by Holmes.

Un-numbered boom truck.


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