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Don's Rail Photos

Northern Alberta Ry.


202 "Fairview", GP9, was built by General Motors in December 1957, #A1416, FN C226-2.  It was transferred as Canadian National 4603, Class GR-12za, in 1981 and rebuilt in 1990 at Pointe St Charles as slug 254, Class GY-00f.

204 "Westlock", GP9, was built by General Motors in December 1957, #A1418, FN C226-4.  It was transferred as CN 4605, Class GR-17za, in 1981 and  rebuilt in March 1991 as 4132, Class GR-418f,

402 "Pembina River", SD38-2, was built in December 1975, #A3355.  It became Canadian National 5701, Class GF-620A, in 1981 and renumbered 1651 in 1996.


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