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White Pass & Yukon RR

4 was built by Baldwin in March 1912, #37564, as Klondike Mines Ry 4.  It was sold as WP&Y 4 in 1942 and sold to V Molitor as Oak Creek Central Ry 4 in 1955.  It was sold as Peppermint & Northwestern 4 in 1960 and John Galahgan as Gold Nugget Junction RR 4 in 1972.  It was purchased by Denny Hilton in 1980 and resold to Midwest Central RR in September 1984.  It was sold to the next month in October 1984 for Steve Wild and sold as Dry Gulch RR 4.  It was apparently never used and was offered for sale by 2010.

14 was built by Baldwin in 1919, #52406, as East Tennessee & Western North Carolina 14.  It was sold as WP&Y 14 in 1942.  It was burned in December 1943 and sent Seattle for scrap in December 1945.

190 was built by Baldwin in February 1943, #69245, as United States Army 190.  It was sold as WP&Y 190 in 1946 and sold as Tweetsie RR 190 in 1960.

94, 86 Ton, Class 90, was built by General Electric in December 1956, #32711.

107, RSD39, was built by Montreal in May 1969, #M6023-07.  It was sold as Sociedad Colombiana de Transporte Ferroviaria 1107 in 1969 and returned to Alaska in 1999.


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