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Don's Rail Photos

Erie Lackawanna


Fairbanks Morse Diesels

1852, H24-66, Class MFFM-24D-4, was built in June 1953, #24L736, as Delaware Lackawanna & Western 852.  It became EL 1852, Class MFFM-24D-4, in 1960, and sold tp Striegel Supply & Equipment Co in 1968  It was then sold as Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico 534.

1861, H24-66, Class MPFM-24D-4, was built in November 1956, #24L1036, as DL&W 861.  It became EL 1861, Class MPFM-24D-4, in 1960 and retired in August 1969.  It was sold to Streigel Supply & Equipment Co in 1971.

1930, H16-44, Class MFFM-16-4, was built in December 1952, #16L689, as DL&W 930.  It became EL 1930, Class MFFM-16-4, in 1950 and sold as CHP 526 in 1967.


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