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Don's Rail Photos

Los Angeles Interurban Ry.

126  was built by American Car Co in 1903.  It became Pacific Electric Ry 823 in 1910  and became Los Angeles Ry 25, Class A, on August 23, 1911.  It was renumbered 14 on September 28, 1912, and rebuilt on October 20, 1923, as 1156, Class F.  It was 1-manned in 1948 and retired on September 10, 1950.  It was scrapped in 1953.

753 was built by Barney & Smith in 1897 for Los Angeles Traction Co 13.  It became LAIRy 753 in January 1904 and became PERy 13 in 1911.  It was scrapped in 1923.


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