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Don's Rail Photos

J&L Consulting Co.

101, GP7u, was built by Electro-Motive in July 1952, #16858, FN 5123-15, as Chicago & North Western 1589. It was rebuilt at Oelwein as 4287 on September 16, 1980. In October 1993 it was sold to Omnitrax who rebuilt it as Pacific Harbor Lines 101 and it later became Harbor Belt Line 101. It was sold to J&L Consulting Ltd as JLCX 101.

547, GP35 was built by Electro-Motive in April 1964, #29475, FN 7742-8, as Wabash RR 547, Class D-25.  It became Norfolk & Western 3547 in 1965 and renumbered 2918 in 1970.  It was donated to National Museum of Transportation in May 1991 and sold to J&L Consulting as JLCS 547.  It was sold to Watco Inc as WAMX 3533.

800, SC15A-3, was built by PLW in December 1994, as Peoria & Pekin Union Ry 800.  It became Tazewell & Peoria RR 800 in 2004 and sold to Northern Illinois & Western as NIWX 800 and sold as JLCX 800.

801, SC15A-3, was built by Electro-Motive in February 1949, #6564, FN E1009-A2, as Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9402A, TR2A.  It became Burlington Northern 550, in 1970 and retired in May 1983.  It was sold to Independent Locomotive Service and resold as Citizens Gas & Coke Co 550.  It was rebuilt by Peoria Locomotive Works as P&PU 801, SC15A-3, and became TZPR 801 in 2004.  It was sold as NIWX 801 and resold as JLCX 801.

1206, SW1200, was built by Electro-Motive in December 1955, #21016, FN 4325-1, as Ashley Drew & Northern Ry 176.  It was renumbered 1206 in 1989 and sold as JLCX 1206 and sold to Rail Switching Services as RSSX 1206.

1506, GP7u, was built by General Motors  in March 1952, #A324, FN C135-2, as Canadian Pacific 8411, Class DRS-15s.  It was rebuilt in 1982 as 1506, Class DS-17, as sold as JLCX 1506.  It was sold as Nebraska Northwestern RR 1506.

1509, SW1500, was built by Electro-Motive in November 1969, #35574, FN 7200-4, as Terminal RR Association of St Louis 1509, Class E.15.  It was sold to as JLCX 1509 in 2010 and sold to Trans-Global Solutions as ECRX 1509 in January 2012.

1689, GP9u, was built by General Motors in May 1954, #A570, FN C174-2, as Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo 402.  It was rebuilt as CP 1689, Class DS-17, in February 1988 and sold as JLCX 1689.  It was sold as Belvidere & Delaware River Ry 1889 in August 2011.

1823, GP7u, was built by Electro-Motive in April 1950, #11496, FN 6092-5, as Seaboard Air Line 1705.  It became Seaboard Coast Line 885 in July 1967 and rebuilt at Uceta in December 1981 as 4777.  It became Seaboard System 4777 in January 1983 and renumbered 1823 in 1984.  It became CSX Transportation 1823, Class GP-16 in April 1986 and retired on February 19, 1993.  It was sold as JLCX 1823.

2000, GP35Cat, was built by Electro-Motive in May 1964, #29476, FN 7743-1, as Louisville & Nashville 1111, Class GP-35.  It later became Seaboard System 1111 and renumbered 4308.  It became CSX Transportation 4308, Class GP-35 and rebuilt by Republic Locomotive Works in August 1992, #492J300, as UP20.  It was leased to Union Pacific on April 12, 1993, and returned on November 17, 1993.  It was sold to Georgetown RR and returned as Letourneau Inc LETX 20.  It was sold to Diesel Locomotive Co.  It was rebuilt as Peoria Locomotive Works  2000 and became P&PU 2000.  It became TZPR 2000 in 2004.  It was sold as NIWX 2000 and resold as JLCX 2000.

2886, GP38, was built by Electro-Motivein July 1967, #32493, FN 7937-3, as Norfolk Southern Ry 2007.  It was acquired by Southern Ry and rebuilt as Carolina & Northwestern 2886 in 1974.  It was sold as Georgia & Florida Ry 2886 and sold as JLCX 2886.

3501, GP35, was built by Electro-Motive in May 1964, #29264, FN 7727-5, as Denver & Rio Grande Western 3033, Class DE B-B 62.  It was later reclassified EF425D-1.  It was retired in December 1993 and sold to OmniTrax in January 1995.  It operated as Great Western Leasing GWRX 3033 and rebuilt in October 1997 as Northern Plains Ry 3501 "City of Devil's Lake".  It was sold as JLCX 3501 and rebuilt to Lhoist NA as LNAX 3043, GP40-3, in March 2017.

3504, GP35u, was built by Electro-Motive in June 1964, #29558, FN 5669-8, as Southern Pacific 7472, Class DF-623.  It was renumbered 6584, Class EF425-2, in 1966 and sold as Wisconsin & Southern 6584.  It was renumbered 3501 and sold as NPR 3504.  It was sold as JLCX 3504 and sold to Webb Asset Management as WAMX 3883.

8096, GP9u, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1955, #20175, FN 5378-29, as Illinois Central  9096.  It was rebuilt at Paducah in June 1969 as 8096 and sold as Eastern Shore RR 8096 "Cape Charles" in April 1985.  The name was later removed.  It was sold to Bay Coast RR in 2006 but apparently not used.  It was sold as JLCX 8096 in 2010.


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