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Toronto Transportation Commission

Radial Cars 409-416


Toronto had a real interurban line at one time. The Toronto & York Radial Ry. was composed of three distinct lines. The Long Branch-Port Credit and the Scarboro lines were simply suburban lines which were taken over by T&YR in 1904 when they were absorbed. The Metropolitan Division was originally built between 1885 and 1909 from the Toronto city limits to Sutton on Lake Simcoe, a distance of 48 miles. An additional branch to Schomberg was built in 1904 and electrified in 1916. The entire system came under city ownership in 1922. The local lines in the city were taken over by TTC, but the lines outside the city were operated by Ontario Hydro until 1927, when they, too, came into the TTC. Long Branch to Port Credit was abandoned in 1935 and the inner part became the Long Branch Line. The Scarboro Line was abandoned beyond Victoria Park in 1936. The Metropolitan Division saw the Schomber line abandoned in 1927 and the main line in 1930. But the municipalities close in complained and service was restored on the 10 mile segment as far as Richmond Hill. This was abandoned October 18, 1948. This line was operated with the last group of cars purchased by the Radial. 409 thru 416 were built by Ottawa Car in 1924 and 1925, and as you can see, were attractive lightweights.

410 was built by Ottawa Car Co in 1924.  It was scrapped in 1949.

412 was built by Ottawa Car Co in 1924.  It was scrapped in 1949.

415 was built by Ottawa Car Co in 1925.  It was scrapped in January 1950.

416 was built by Ottawa Car Co in 1925.  It was retired in 1948 and sold as a cottage.  It was acquired by Ontario Electric Railway Historical Association in 1973 and reconstruction is being done.


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