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Northern Pacific

Business and Passenger Cars

"Green River".

"Yakima River" was built by Pullman-Standard in 1955.  It became Burlington Northern A6 "Missouri River" in 1970 and became Burlington Northern Santa Fe 4 "Missouri River" in 1996.  The siding was replaced with corrugated chrome.

"Yellowstone River" was built by Pullman-Standard.  It became BN A4 "Yellowstone River" in 1970 and became BNSF "Yellowstone River" in 1996.

313 was built by Budd in 1954.  It was painted for leasing to Illinois Central in 1965 and 1967.  It was assigned as BN 1443 in 1970 but never applied and became Amtrak 9214.  It was sold as Inland Pacific Rail "Yellowstone Park" in January 1993.

1361 was built by Pullman Car Co in 1915 as 1151, a smoker coach.  It was rebuilt as 1361, deluxe coach, and sold as Puget Sound & Snoqualmie Valley RR 136.  It was sold to Northwest Railway Museum and restored as NP 1361.



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