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Market Street Ry

Non Revenue Equipment

"San Francisco" was built by St Louis Car Co in 1901.  It became United Railroad "San Francisco" in 1902 and Market Street Ry "San Francisco" in 1921,  It became Municipal Railway of San Francisco "San Francisco" in 1944. 

0106, supply car.  It became Muni 0106 in 1944.

0119, sand elevator.  It became Muni 0119 in 1944.

0131.  It became Muni 0131 in 1944.

0601 was built by Hammond Car Co in 1895 as 578.  In 1902 it became United Railways and was rebuilt as sand car 0601 about 1906.  It became MSR 0601 in 1921 and as Muni 0601 in 1944.  It was restored as 578 in 1956.

0929 was built by Differential Car Co in 1923.  It became Muni 0929 in 1944.


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