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1102 was built in July 1964, #29341, FN 7734-3.  It became Seaboard Coast Line 603 in July 1967 and rebuilt as 1953 in 1971.  It became Louisville & Nashville 7037, Class SDP-35, and renumbered 1291.  It was retired in July 1983.

1110 was built in September 1964, #29436, FN 7734-11.  It became SCL 611 in July 1967 and rebuilt as 1961 in 1971.  It became L&N 7043, Class SDP-35, and renumbered 4548.  It became Seaboard System 4548 in January 1983 and became CSX Transportation 4548, Class SDP35, in April 1986.


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