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803, HH600, Class DES-7a, was built in January 1939, #69130, as 617.  It was renumbered 677 in 1939 and renumbered 803.  It was scrapped in January 1963.

811, S1, Class DES-8a, was built in 1940, #69193, and planned for New York Central.  It was sold as NYC 590, Class DES-8a, in March 1941 and renumbered 811.  It was renumbered 9300, Class AS-6, in 1968 and became Penn Central 9300, Class AS-6, in 1968.  It was traded in to Electro-Motive in December 1970.

872, S1, Class DES-8d, was built in March 1950, #77077.  It was transferred as Despatch Shops 5 and sold as Bath & Hammondsport RR 5 in 1971.

8511, S2, Class DES-11b, was built in 1944.  It was renumbered 9609, Class AS-10, in 1966 and assigned as PC 9609, Class AS-10, in 1968.  It was retired on May 17, 1972, and traded in to Electro-Motive in 1973.

8529, S2, Class DES-11c, was built in January 1945, #72898.  It was renumbered 9616, Class AS-10, in 1966, and became PC 9616, Class AS-10, in 1968.

8625, S1, was built by Alco in October 1946, #74962, as Erie RR 307, Class SA-6b.  It became Erie Lackawanna 307, Class SA-6, and sold as Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal 25 in November 1967.  It became New York Cross Harbor RR 25 in August 1983.  It has been displayed as NYC 8625.

8646, S4, Class DES-11L, was built in October 1953, #80932, as Pittsburgh & Lake Erie 8646, Class DES-11L.  It was transferred as NYC 8646, Class DES-11L, and renumbered 9746, Class AS-10m, in 1966.  It became Penn Central  9746, Class AS-10m, and sold as Spencerville & Eastern  653.



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