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Capital Transit Co.

D. C. Transit Co.

Locomotives and Non-Revenue Equipment

1 was built by Brill in 1896.  It was retired in 1913 and given to Chevy Chase Recreation Center in 1923.

09 was built by McGuire-Cummings in 1899 as Washington Traction & Light Co 009.  It became Washington Ry & Electric Co 009 in 1903 and CTC 009 in 1933.  It became DCT 009 in 1956 and donated to Rockhill Trolley Museum in 1962.

010 was built by McGuire-Cummings in 1899 as WT&L 010.  It became Washington Railway & Electric Co 010 in 1903 and CTC 010 in 1933.  It became DCT 010 in 1956 and donated to Connecticut Valley Trolley Museum in 1962.

017 was built by Southern Car in 1909 for the Annapolis Short Line. It was rebuilt in 1917 as Washington Baltimore & Annapolis 17. They sold it in 1935 to CTC where it was the 017. In 1944 it was sold as Hagerstown & Frederick 1. Its disposition is unknown.

052 was built by Washington Ry & Electric Co in 1914.  It became CTC 052 in 1933 and scrapped in 1955.

054 was built by Baldwin on April 19, 1906, #28042, as Hoboken RR Warehouse & Steamship Connecting Co 3.  It was sold as Clinton Davenport & Muscatine Ry 77 in July 1930 and resold as CTC 054 in 1940.  It was scrapped in 1950.

Coal was hauled to the Benning Power Plant and had several cars in use.


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