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Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Ry.

Electric Locomotives and Freight Motors


8 was probably built by Canadian Locomotive to plans by Baldwin-Westinghouse. It was wrecked and rebuilt by the NStC&T in 1924 and scrapped in 1960.

14 was built by General Electric in 1914 and was scrapped in 1960.

15 was built by the NStC&T in 1924 and was scrapped in 1960.

16 was built by National Steel Car Co in 1918 for the Hydro Electric Power Commission. It came to the NStC&T in 1922 and was rebuilt in 1930. In September 1960 it was transferred to another CN property as Oshawa Ry 16. On November 9, 1964 it was sold to Equipco, who immediately sold it to Noranda Mines as 20.

17 was built by NSC in 1918 for the HEPC. It came to the NStC&T but was not rebuilt. In September, 1960 it went to Oshawa Ry as 17. It was scrapped in 1964.

18 was built by Baldwin on May 24, 1918, #48538, and completed by Westinghouse on July 20, 1918, as Auburn & Syracuse Electric RR 105. It was sold in 1919 to the HEPC, who then sold it to the Toronto & York Radial Ry as their 2 in 1924. It was then sold to the Chatham Wallaceburg & Lake Erie Ry. In 1927 it was purchased by the NStC&T. In September 1960 it became Oshawa Ry 18. It went to the Connecticut Electric Railway Association in September 1963.

19 was built by the NStC&T in 1924 as 16. It was sent to the Montreal & Southern Counties Ry as 325. When it came back, it was numbered 19. Scrapping came in 1960.

20 was built by General Electric in March 1914, #4621, as South Brooklyn Ry. 6. It was sold to the West Side Street Ry. (Charleroi, PA) in December, 1917, and then to the NS&T in 1937. It was scrapped in 1960.

21 was built by Canadian Locomotive Co in 1927, #1798, as Montreal & Southern Counties Ry 327.   It was transferred as NS&T 21 in 1941 and was scrapped in 1960.

40 was built by Barney & Smith Car Co as Cleveland & Eastern Ry 55.  It was sold as NS&T 40 in 1926 and scrapped in 1959.

41 was built by Brill Car Co in 1916 as Cleveland Painesville & Eastern 60.  It was sold as NS&T 41 in 1927.

Passenger car 82, which was built by the NS&T in 1923, was rebuilt as a freight motor after the end of passenger service.



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