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AGP operates nine soybean processing plants including six plants in Iowa, located at Eagle Grove, Emmetsburg, Manning, Mason City, Sergeant Bluff, and Sheldon. Other AGP processing plants are located at Dawson, Minnesota, St. Joseph, Missouri, and Hastings, Nebraska. The Hastings plant is the first farmer-owned soybean processing facility in that state.

1, S6, was built by Alco in May 1955, #80929, as Southern Pacific 1039, Class DS-9.  It was renumbered 1206, Class AS409-1, in 1966.  It was sold to City of Grand Island, Platte Generating Station 1 and sold as AGP 1.

4, SW900, was built by Electro-Motive in June 1957, #24007, FN 6535-1, as General Motors 6535, a demonstrator. In September 1958, it was rebuilt and became Waterloo RR 4.   Later it was sold as Boone Valley Co-op Processing 4 and absorbed as AGP 4.

6, SW8, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1951, #14493, FN 4104-5, as Lehigh Valley 268, Class DS-4. It was later reclassified Class ESM-8 and later became Consolidated Railroad Corp 8682, Class SW-8, in April 1976. It was retired on April 11, 1991, and sold to AGP as 6. When the Sherman plant was closed, it was sold to Archer-Daniel-Midland as 8682 in 2001.

6129, SD9, was built by Electro-Motive in April 1959, #25157, FN 5589-7, as Colorado & Southern 837.  It was renumbered 6232, Class SD-9, in August 1979 and became Burlington Northern 6232, Class SD-9, in January 1982.  It became Burlington Northern Santa Fe 6129, Class SD-9, in February 1998.  It was sold as AGP 6129 in 2005 and sold as DeBruce Grain Co 6129 in 2011.

6140, SD9, was built by Electro-Motive in December 1954, #20122, FN 5376-2, as Baltimore & Ohio 766, Class RSE-7c.  It was renumbered 7406, Class FS6E-3, in 1957 and renumbered 1832, Class SD-9, in June 1964.  It was assigned CSX Transportation 9707, Class SD-9, but retired on July 29, 1987.  It was sold to Steel Processing Corp on March 30, 1988 and resold to Montana Rail Line in November 1988.  It was rebuilt by Livingston Rebuild Center as BN 6243, Class SD-9, on February 7, 1990, and became BNSF 6140, Class SD-9, on August 7, 1999.  It was sold as AGPX 6140 in 2007 and resold as Columbia Grain Inc 6140 in 2009.

6152, SD9, was built by Electro-Motive in July 1955, #20560, FN 5399-6, as Chicago Burlington & Quincy 350.  It became BN 6152, Class SD-9, in 1970 never lettered as BNSF 6152, Class SD-9.  It was sold as AGPX 6152 in 2007 and resold as CGI 6152 in 2009.

6634, SD18R, was built by Electro-Motive in October 1959, #25606, FN 5606-9, as Southern Ry 2510, SD24.  It was renumbered 6329 in 1972.  It was retired in June 1978 and sold to Precision National Corp.  It became PNC 6329 and rebuilt in 1979 as 1829.  It was sold to Chicago & North Western as 6634 in March 1982 and retired on October 30, 1997.  It was sold as National Railway Equipment 6634 in October 1997 and leased as Wisconsin & Southern 6634 in 1998.  It was returned to NRE and sold as AGP 6634.  It was sold as DeBruce Grain Co 6634 in 2011.

6641, SD18R, was built by Electro-Motive in December 1959, #25621, FN 5605-2, as New Orleans & North Eastern 6950, as SD24.  It became Southern 6344 in 1971 and sold as PNC 6344 and rebuilt in 1979 as 1844.  It was sold to C&NW as 6641 in March 1982 and sold to National Railway Equipment Co in October 1997.  It was leased as W&S 6641 in 1998 and returned to NRE.  It was sold as AGP 6641 and assigned as Floyd Valley Grain LLC.

6717, SW900, was built by General Motors in 1955, #A677, as Canadian Pacific 6717, Class DS-9a. In July 1989 it was sold to M4 Holdings Inc who sold it to Minnesota Valley Ry as 6717. It was later sold to AGP where it retained its original number.

9428, SW900, was built by Electro-Motive July 1955, #20412, as Baltimore & Ohio 653, Class DS-20E. It was renumbered 9428, Class SE-3, in 1956, and was reclassified Class SW-900 in 1965.  It was retired on September 8, 1986, and sold to Wilson Railway Corp on December 23, 1986.  It was sold as Cedrite Technologies Inc 9428 in March 1988 but closed in 1992.  It was sold through Mid-America Car Corp as AGP 9428 in March 1992.


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