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Don's Rail Photos

 Chevron Corp.

Chevron Chemicals Corp.

Gulf Oil Corp.

7, 65DE-19A, was built by Whitcomb in July 1944, #60473, as United States Army 8467.  It was sold as Gulf 7 and sold it to Wanamaker Kempton & Southern in 1988 and painted as Lehigh & New England 602.

9, SW600, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1955, #20665, as Gulf 9.  It became Chevron USA 9 and later became Clark Refining Co 9.  It became Premcor 9 and sold as EconoRail Corp 9.  It was sold as General American Transportation Co 504.

087, SW7, was built by Electro-Motive in January 1950, #10286, FN 6076-14, as Chesapeake & Ohio 5227, Class SE-12.  It was reclassified as Class SW-7 in 1964 and sold to Chrome Crankshaft.  It was sold as Chemplex Advanced Materials LLC 11 in April 1981 and resold as Georgia Eastern RR 87in 1987.  It was resold as Chevron Chemicals 087.

101, MP15, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1979, #786235-1, FN 786235-1.  It was sold to Econo-Rail Co as ECRX 1.


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