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100 was built by Akron Bedford & Cleveland RR in 1896 as ABC 100.  It became NOT&L 1001 in 1906 and scrapped on May 4, 1932.

1018 was built by Niles Car Co in 1904 as coach 28.  It was renumbered as 1428 in 1920 and rebuilt as 1018 in 1926.  It became Akron Transportation Co 1018 in June 1931 and renumbered 1001 in 1933.  It was scrapped on August 5, 1948.

1050 was built by General Electric in 1917.  It became Ohio Edison Co 1050 in 1932 and scrapped in 1962.

1078 was built by Kuhlman Car Co in 1924, #823, as Michigan Rys 202.  It was sold as NOT&L 1078 in 1929 and sold to Cleveland Interurban/Shaker Heights Rapid Transit as X78 in 1932.  It was renamed OX in 1949 and acquired by Trolleyville in 1984.  It went to Lake Shore Electric Ry in 2006 and sold to Northern Ohio Ry Museum in 2009.

041 was built by McGuire-Cummings Mfg Co in 1920.  It became ACT 041 in June 1931 and scrapped in 1947.



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