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Don's Rail Photos

Cape Cod & Hyannis RR

3, S3, was built by Alco in September 1950, #78391, as Boston & Maine 1175, Class DS-3b.  It was sold as Virginia Power & Light Co 1175 on January 22, 1965, and resold to Stone ^ Webster Co in 1965.  It was sold as Continental Forest Products Co 1175 and resold as Otter Valley RR 1.  It was sold as Seaview Transportation Co 3 in 1981 and leased as CC&H 3.  It was returned as Seaview 3 "Hamilton".

20, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1956, #22120, FN 5474-11, as New York New Haven & Hartford as 1210, Class DERS-4. It became Penn Central 7540, Class ERS-17s, 1969, and then Consolidated Railroad Corp 7540, Class GP-9. It was renumbered 7280 and later sold to CC&H as 1210. It was renumbered 20 and later sold to Georgia & Alabama as 20. It later was transferred to Carolina Piedmont RR as 20 "The Pride of Mauldin".

21, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in July 1956, #22111, FN 5474-2, as NYNH&H as 1201, Class DERS-4. It became PC 7531, Class ERS-17s, in 1969, and then Conrail 7531, Class GP-9. It was renumbered 7271 and later sold to CC&H as 1201.  It was renumbered 21. It was then sold to South Carolina Central as 21 in April 1989 and later to Georgia Southwestern as 21. Then it became CDPR as 21 in November 1990 and then GAAB as 21.

22, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1955, #20642, FN 5384-22, as Northern Pacific  239.  It became Burlington Northern  1865, Class GP-9, in 1970.  It was retired in July 1983 and sold to Chrome Crankshaft in September 1983.  It was sold to C&CH as 22 and sold as GSWR 22.

23, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in February 1955, #20141, FN 5377-13, as Southern Pacific 5616, Class DF-605.  It was renumbered 3453, Class EF418-5, and rebuilt on April 2, 1970, as 3303, Class EF418E-1.  It was retired on December 17, 1986, and sold as CC&H 203 in May 1988.  It was renumbered 23 and sold to Railtex in April 1989.  It was assigned as North Carolina & Virginia 23 and reassigned as Northeast Kansas & Missouri 23 in May 1991..

24, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in June 1958, #24058, FN 5560-11, as Northern Pacific 368.  It became Burlington Northern 1947, Class GP-9, in 1970 and retired in December 1985,  It was sold as CC&H 1947 and renumbered 24.  It sold as Mid Michigan RR 24 in April 1989.

25, GP9m, was built by Electro-Motive in February 1958, #24084, FN 7561-4, as Great Northern 903, Class GP-5.  It became BN 1353, Class GP-5, in 1970 and sold as CC&H 1353 in 1988.  It was renumbered 25 and sold to Railtex in April 1989 as GAAB 25.  It was transferred as CDPR 25 and later Texas NorthEastern RR 25.



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