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Don's Rail Photos

Copper Range RR

29, Class C-2, was built by Alco-Schenectady in February 1907, #42535.   It was sold as Keweenaw Central 29 in 1967 and was sold to Mid-Continental Railway Museum in 2004.

100, DS4-4-1000, was built by Baldwin in April 1947, #72839. It was sold to New Hope & Ivyland as 100 in February 1974.

101, DS4-4-1000, was built by Baldwin in April 1947, #72840.  It was sold as NH&I 101 in February 1970 and sold as Tyburn RR 101 in 1989.  It was renumbered 1293 and resold as SMS Rail Lines 101 in 1994.

25 was built by American Car & Foundry in February 1903, Lot 2504, as 59, a coach.  It was rebuilt as a combination baggage/coach car in 1913 and renumbered 25.  It was purchased for Mid-Continent Railway Museum in 1963 and quickly restored for use.  It was stored in the 1970s and restoration to the 1913 style over 15 years of work.  It was completed in 2013.


2023 was an ore hopper.

2039 was an ore hopper.

3067 was an ore hopper.

4004 was built in June 1941.


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