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Electro-Motive SW1 Diesel Switchers


Central of Georgia 1004 was built in July 1950, #11097, FN 6069-6, as Georgia & Florida 70.  It was renumbered CG 1004 in December 1972.

CG 1006 was built in July 1950, #11099, FN 6070-3, as G&F 72.  It was renumbered CG 1006 in December 1972 and sold as BDL Corp  1006.

1011 was built in April 1947, #4743, FN E827-1, as 2007.  It was renumbered 1011 in December 1972 and traded in to Electro-Motive.

1012 was built in August 1947, #4744, FN E827-2, as 2008.  It was renumbered 1012 in December 1972 and retired in November 1994.  It was sold as Knoxville & Holston River RR 1012 and sold as Waldens Ridge RR 1012.

1013 was built in August 1947, #4746, FN E8274, as 2010. It was renumbered 1013 in December 1972 and sold to Wabash Valley RR as 1802 in 1978. Later it was sold to Mid-America Car Co and then leased to Cadillac & Lake City as 82. It was later returned to Mid-America Car as 82.


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