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Southern Railway

Electro-Motive NW2 Diesel Switchers


2241 was built in September 1946, #3652, FN E700-9.  It was renumbered 1032 in December 1972 and sold as Port Jersey RR 1032 in February 1978.

2242 was built in September 1946, #3653, FN E700-10.  It was renumbered 1033 in December 1972 and sold to Luria Brps for scrap in July 1983.

2243 was built in October 1946, #3654, FN E700-11.  It was renumbered 1034 in December 1972 and sold to Birmiugham Rail & Locomotive in October 1983.

2257 was built in June 1947, #4757, FN E828-9, as Carolina & North Western 2257.  It was renumbered 1048 in December 1972 and transferred as Southern 1048 in 1974.  It was sold as Hartwell RR 1048 in 1983 and shortly sold as Babcock & Wilcox Co 049.  It became Koppel Steel Corp 049.

2260 was built in July 1947, #4760, FN E828-12.  It was renumbered 1051 in December 1972 and sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co in October 1983.  It was sold as Hartford & Slocomb RR 1051 and merged as Gulf & Ohio 1051.

2268 was built in October 1948, #5829, FN E954-6.  It was transferred as New Orleans & Northeastern 2268 and later renumbered as Alabama Great Southern 1059 in December 1972.  It was sold for scrap to Luria Bros in June 1983.

2269 was built in October 1948, #5830, FN E954-7.  It was renumbered 1060 in December 1972.

2274, NW2, was built in September 1948, #5835, FN E954-12.  It was renumbered as 1065 and sold as Georgia Marble Co 81.  It was sold as Georgia Northeastern RR 81 and scrapped at Waycross, GA, in October 2003.

Cincinnati New Orleans & Texas Pacific 2276 was built in November 1948, #5839, FN E954-14.  It was renumbered 1067 in December 1976 and sold to Erman-Howell Co in 1983.  It was sold as Walking Horse & Eastern 1585.

CNOTP 6055 was built in February 1942, #1470, FN E434-6.

NO&NE 6851 was built in December 1941, #1473, FN E433-2.


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